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Protein Detector™ AP Microwell Kit, Anti-Human

Material Number 5110-0012
Size 20 plates
Inventory Status Backorder: Available Soon
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KPL Protein Detector ELISA Kits offer a convenient starting point for the development of microwell ELISA protocols for antigen and antibody detection. These kits provide pretested components and suggested protocols to facilitate the development of ELISA procedures. The KPL Protein Detector ELISA Kit, AP Systems are provided with KPL BluePhos® Substrate which offers performance, reliability, and low background.

Kit Components:

  • KPL 10X Coating Solution
  • KPL BSA Diluent/Blocking
  • KPL 20X Wash Solution
  • KPL 50% Glycerol Solution
  • KPL AP-Labeled Goat Anti-Human IgG (H+L)
  • KPL BluePhos AP Substrate System
  • KPL 10X APStop™ Solution
Reference #: 55-81-10

Protein Detector ELISA Kit AP Blue Phos System

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KPL Protein Detector ELISA Kit AP BluePhos System

Doc type
Certificate of Analysis
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