Custom Control, Assay and Panel Development
From custom panels and controls to IVD kits, we can deliver the high quality and performance that you require.


Custom Control, Assay and Panel Development

SeraCare has more than 25 years of experience delivering custom diagnostics solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. We focus on one thing: delivering the tools you need to build industry leading assays.

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Assay Development Services
Focus on assay design and validation, leaving the development and production of key components to our experts. Our team has worked with many of the leading assay manufacturers and brings extensive experience across a broad range of assay types.


Proficiency Panel Design
Leverage our expertise to design and formulate a custom proficiency panel solution to meet your needs. Our expertise in serving the needs of clinical labs worldwide will help you anticipate the requirements of your end users.


Validation Kits
Partner with SeraCare to develop specialized validation kits to aid in the adoption of your new assay. Speed the time it takes your customers to validate and adopt new instrument platforms, accelerating assay revenue from clinical sites with a plug and play solution.


AccuPlex™ Recombinants
Count on SeraCare to meet your need for high-quality recombinant viral control materials.


Companion Diagnostics Expertise
Rely on SeraCare to jump start your design, development and production. We have experience working with leading pharmaceutical companies to help them bring new companion diagnostic solutions to market.


Custom Manufacturing and Packaging
Gain speed and reduce risk with robust quality systems and regulatory landscape understanding. SeraCare can meet your manufacturing and packaging specifications.



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